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Creative Minimalist

Graphic Design

Good Design is universal & timeless. I am confidant in using Photoshop, illustrator & InDesign. I am able to do branding, print designs, illustrations, typography, photography & marketing.

Web + UX/UI Designer

I am a passionate web + UX/UI designer that focuses on usability, functionality, interactivity, responsiveness & visual appeal. “A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.”

Front End Dev

I’m fluent in html, css, sass & continue to learn JavaScript. I am able to fully optimize websites for both SEO & load time. I am also a capable WordPress theme developer & have a good understanding of PHP.

I am a passionate Web Designer, Graphic Designer, UX/UI designer & Front end developer based in Brisbane. I have a diverse skill set allowing me to work in multiple areas of my field though I am especially fond of Website Design. I am able to create traditional & new creative solutions for any communicational issue. I love to design clean, smart & effective works that inspire people. I am a logical thinker, imaginative yet decisive, & always willing to try new things. I am a hard worker with high ambitions, always striving to better myself in my fields. My work has been featured in....