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Clubworx is a gym management system I directly contract for. The task was improving the user experience of their software and applying it in development. I also designed a concept for their marketing website and a member white label app for gyms using Clubworx.

The website

I wanted to create something that looks friendly, trustworthy and useable. The content focuses on communicating the key benefits of Clubworx and giving it credibility. The products themselves have been showcased in an appealing way. The design refines the overall clubworx brand and brings the website into the current/future design standards. All the sections can be changed around with this design - allowing you to switch sections based on feedback and testing.

The product


This is the original view of the Clubworx product.


My first focus was on improving the navigation so we held a workshop to to map out the IA. I wanted to give the entire user experience clarity and make things intuitive.

Member white lable app

This is a white label app gyms can customise with their own branding