Baskin Robbins

Art Direction

Graphic Design

Web Design

2017- 2018

Baskin Robbins is a client I worked on at Type + Pixel. We wanted to look at ways to bring back the wonder in this new brand roll out and capture peoples imagination. It started with the campaign for their new loyalty app.

New brand direction pitch: I put this pitch together to present to Baskin Robbins a new brand direction. This concept became reality and evolved into what it is today.

What the concept of the unicorn and yetti I presented turned into.

When I left Type and Pixel, another designer carried out the execution of the concept and produced the final output below. I personally love their tweaks to the illustration and was so happy with the output when I got to see it in stores!

Back to my original presentation...

Rewards app campaign

I did the design and art direction for the rewards campaign project.

For this campaign video, I did the art direction, storyboarding and graphics. The video was based on my original poster design for a Baskin Robbins loyalty app campaign and was animated by 'Hotel Lima'.

Poster design for Baskin-Robins Rewards campaign. It was presented in stores and rolled out across multiple pieces of collateral..

Website landing page which you can see at

App intro design - a reskin of their purchased loyalty app platform. Their app was more of an out of the box product which was then customized.

Though I had not controll of the app design itself on this view, I did design the offer tiles which are used in the app

Cookies poster

This typographic poster was designed as a part of their old branding. I used cookie crumbs to write the word and photographed it.

More a1 shop poster designs

New product - Ultimate shakes poster design

Photographs of the poster from Baskin-Robbins stores

New product - Ultimate cones poster design