2014 - 2018


Website Design
Graphic Design


Over the years I have done allot of work so I have compiled some of the projects that didn’t quite make it to getting their own project pages in addition to some conceptual work that was used for client pitches.

Email marketing concept

I put allot of thought and research into the user journey and brand. I wanted to present the email marketing company as being warm, friendly and helpful. I also did the Illustration components.


Concept pitch to tanslink while at jsa creative in early 2017

Jobs Queensland

Goverment branding done at JSA

Aura Holdings

Aura holdings develop retirement communities across south-east Queensland. Their retirement communities are built on three fundamental principles: fairness, transparency and freedom. I aimed to communicate this in the design. You can see the developed website at auraholdings.com.au


Infocus was a project for an accounting company I worked on at type and pixel. I also worked up a suite of icons to be used across their website and branding. You can see the developed website at infocus.com.au


CPL, also known as Cerebral Palsy League was a client project i worked on at jsa creative. Though the website was finished and approved by the client, the design never went live as they decided to change their approach.

Alpha fund managers

Alpha Fund Managers is a client i worked on through type and pixel. I tried to communicate what they do more clearly while also updating the website to a more modern design.


Dissh concept design

Spartan logo


Omnify originally started as a university project which I then partially turned into reality. It’s the name I use to sell a portfolio template and resume template online but it’s also my dream of one day starting my own design studio. I chose the name Omnify because It means to make universal which I think is the most important thing about design.

Business cards used in my uni presentation that display the branding.

Concept for the invoice design used in my uni presentation.

This is a real portfolio template which I sell on creative market that integrates the users Behance feed for portfolio items allowing easy maintenance. Launch preview

A resume template for developers that I sell on creative market. Perfect for any passionate developer wanting to display their skills in a creative way. To non developers, code can look scary, though this resume communicates the message to anyone.