January 2018


Product Design
UX Design
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LOGIQC are an Australian Software as a Service provider specialising in risk management. While working at Type + pixel they approached us for a product redesign. I had a close relationship with the client and attended workshops, did user experience research and put together user personas. We processed to wireframing and map out the UX and then went into the user interface design.

The challenge

LOGIQC are an Australian Software as a Service provider specialising in risk management for medical related industries. Their product was developer-driven so it had not had any user experience research or interface design applied to it. Though the fundamental structure was there, a lot of work needed to be done to improve the user experience of the software. I would attach some before screenshots but unfortunately, I am unable to access them.

Step one: User research

Design solves a problem. In order to provide a solution, you first need to understand the problem. I worked closely with the business owners to understand users and their need to help provide clear direction on the design.

To gain insight we analysed user surveys which gave feedback on what the user would like to see improved about the product. We then had phone interviews with various customers to create personas and gain more feedback and insight into the product.

Step two: Workflow

Through a series of workshops we analysed the workflow and tried to simplify it's complexity. We reviewed the existing software user flow and conventions to form the new workflow.

Step three: Wireframes

We created a series of wireframes which were turned into climbable invision prototypes. The client then commented their feedback on invision and I worked closely with the client to refine the user experience.

Step four: Design

The final wireframes were then turned into designs which can be viewed below. A component library was also created for development purposes.