June 2016

Bike navigation app

App Design
UX Design
UI Design
Concept Development


There was a tender for Brisbane city council to create a mobile friendly app that lets bikers of Brisbane navigate through designated bike tracks and paths. Users can also see bike hubs and cycle centres as well as choose the type of ride they want to experience. This app was developed as a concept pitch for Brisbane city council.

Start screen, where you enter your location and select your bike type to find the optional route.

This is the screen to select your preferred route that shows you a key of layers.

When hitting the layers button in the bottom right a menu slides out to enable you to toggle layers on and off.

This is the screen shown while in route on the bike. You can see information such as the distance to your destination, current speed, time left on journey and arrival time. A graph below displaces the uphill and down hill areas of the joinery. Below that displays the upcoming turns and streets. The bottom white panel slides up to reveal more directions. The blue dot on the map is the rider and it follows the line until the destination is reached.