2017- 2018

Baskin Robbins

Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design


Baskin Robbins is a client I worked on at Type + Pixel. We started with the campaign for their new loyalty app of which I started with a poster for. All other collateral was then rolled out from my original poster design. We got designers in to help me with some of the rollout which I art directed, however, I have not shown that work in this portfolio and only the work that is 100% mine. After that, I worked on other campaigns for new products and I'm currently working on the new Baskin Robbins brand guidelines for Australia. We are looking at ways to bring back the wonder in this new brand roll out and capture peoples imagination.

For this campaign video, I did the art direction, storyboarding and graphics. The video was based on my original poster design for a Baskin Robbins loyalty app campaign and was animated by 'Hotel Lima'.

Poster design for Baskin-Robins Rewards campaign. It was presented in stores and rolled out across multiple pieces of collateral..

Website landing page which you can see at baskinrobbins.com.au/brrewards

App intro design - a reskin of thier prurchsed loyality app platform. Thier app was more of an out of the box product which was then customised a bit.

Though I had not controll of the app design itself on this view, I did design the offer tiles which are used in the app

New product - Ultimate shakes poster design

Photographs of the poster from Baskin-Robbins stores

New product - Ultimate cones poster design