September 2016

App suite

UX Design
UI Design


While working at jsa creative, Esri Australia approached us to utilise our UX and app development capabilities to design a suit of apps that would create transparency and improved communication for those working in field related jobs.

Field Track

FieldTrack was an app designed to allow employers to track the location of employees who work out in the field. The employee that goes out into the field would use this app to allow their location to be traced through their phone while on the job. An example of this would be a farmer on a grape farm going around and checking on all the crops. The app allows the Employer to see if he has gone around to all crops through the back end data of the location tracking.

Privacy for employees was a major concern when I created the app; I did not want to create an authoritative ‘big brother’ experience that would have likely caused hesitation amongst potential users. Instead we sought to make the experience of logging in and using the app as enjoyable as possible, giving the user flexibility to control the times that their movements were recorded and ultimately ensuring a level of trust was maintained. 

Field Alert

Field alert is an app that alerts employees out in the field of any hazards in the area. For example, if a child care worker was entering a dangerous neighbourhood, the app would alert them so they are aware of it. Another example would be Parking officers, if they were to enter an area with parking changes, they would be alerted and informed.

This allows workers out in the field to take caution and stay informed about current events. The main screen displays a map with the users location and any alerts near them. The user is also able to switch their tracking on and off. 

Field Collect

out in the field. For example, if a parking officer found a faulty meter they could report it to alert headquarters for repair. The project screen displays Work force type which is then determines the list of things to report on the next screen.

When finding a hazard they are able to upload and image and write a description about the it accompanied by the pinned location on a map. The app design allows users to easily navigate and report incidents out in the field.